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ment from● Chinese mai○nla

id that ICT devel●opment is ●essential in● Indonesia at ◆present as the count○ry is pursuing■ digital techn●ology-supported e◆conomy in the futu●re by developin◆g e-commerc●e basis opera●tion in most of dail●y life aspects with ●180 billion ?/p>

ollar wor○th of transactions ■were expected by 20●20."There wi〓ll be 2,000 stu●dents tasked to hon○e up ICT skills in● the countr■y and in for■eign countr●ies as well, incl●uding in China. This● is part of our ef◆forts to cat■ch up with digit◆al technology,"● the minister said t■o address ●the event held in● Indonesia techno●logy and research bu○reau premi●ses.He added th●at his ministr◆y is now


nd has increas

●ed by a st


tasked to a●ssure ICT beco●mes the main 〓driver an


ng of 〓324 pe


d en●abler of the nati■on's econom〓y developme〓n

rcent to

reach● 2.7 b


t and soci○al culture transfor○mer agent.To pursue●

illion d
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